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The project started in September 2009 and will last until July 2011.

1st Coordinators’ Meeting in Hämeenlinna (Finland) in November 2009

  • Presentation of partners
  • Discussion about the work programme
  • Constitution of subgroups working on our main topics in Podcasting and SMS learning

The activities in this period will include

  • Working in the field of Podcasting
    • Discussion about Podcasting and how we can use Podcasting in the learning and teaching of adults
    • Generation of Podcast examples about the lifestyle in the different partner countries
  • Working in the field of SMS learning
    • Development of a  “wish list” of mobile learning integration ideas and forming a repository of applications that could be implemented in a later stage
    • Interactive student workshop to brainstorm on SMS learning (bilateral exchanges) and to try out examples of good practice and to develop examples of good practice
    • Test a good practice example
  • Working on the Wiki
    • Development of the first structure
    • Filling information about Podcasting, SMS Learning, literature and references
    • Import of the didactical methods developed in steLLLa into the wiki
  • Dissemination
    • Development of the community and website
    • Balloting about a slogan of the project to be used at website, film, poster and flyer
    • Development of a poster, flyer and video film about the project steLLLa2.0
  • Begin of preparations of the workshop planned in March 2011

There will take place learners meetings in France, Germany, Finland and Greece in May-June 2010.

2nd Coordinators’ Meeting in Radviliškis (Lithiania) in May 2010

3rd Coordinators’ Meeting in Geel (Belgium) in November 2010

In addition there will take place a learners meeting in Belgium in November 2010

4th Coordinators’ Meeting in Pamplona (Spain) in March 2011

1-week workshop about the content of the project in March 2011
The Spanish partner will host the workshop in a centre in the province of Navarra. The target group of the workshop will be retired, elderly people who are still active in organisations and who will benefit from the outcomes of our project to integrate them into their own (volunteer) job. The following activities for the workshop are planned so far:

  • General introduction: What is mobile learning and web based learning? What is the need of the participants? What do they expect from this workshop?
  • Presentations of experts (steLLLa 2.0)
  • SMS-learning: good practice examples and hands-on practice
  • Podcast learning: good practice examples and hands-on practice
  • Learn to use a wiki
  • Work out own examples
  • Excursion and focus on European dimension

In addition there will take place a learners meeting in Italy and Belgium in May 2011.

5th Coordinators’ Meeting in Avinion (France) in June 2011

There will be an evaluation after each project year and also after each meeting.

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