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French partner

French partner

Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse (U.A.P.V.)

Centre Universitaire de Formation des Enseignants et des Formateurs (CUFEF)
Case 11 – 74, rue Louis Pasteur


Phone: +33 (0)490162566
Fax: +33 (0)490162570
Internet: http://www.univ-avignon.fr
& http://www.cufef.univ-avignon.fr/SteLLLa_2_FR/

Rémi BLANCON (Director)

Philippe GABRIEL (Coordinator of steLLLa 2.0 in France) 
E-mail: philippe.gabriel(at)univ-avignon.fr

Agence 2e2F

Partner information

The CUFEF (Centre Universitaire de Formation des Enseignants et des Formateurs) is a common service of the University of Avignon, UAPV, a small size Higher Education institution (7.000 students) which combines at a human scale, academic excellence and involvement in the territory. The Centre is responsible for the implementation of the policy of the UAPV in the fields of education and training. It has a strong expertise in the field of educational engineering and assessment. Since 1991, the CUFEF has developed various activities to promote individual support (eg. organization of an Intensive program with 7 universities in the EU) and development (eg. participation in a Leonardo project to develop a vocational guidance tool for people over 50 years), in the context of Information and communication technologies diffusion (eg. establishment of computer and Internet certificate at the UAPV).

The CUFEF commitment in the SteLLLa project is an extension of the Centre previous involvements for life long learning. It also reflects an attempt to respond to two requests for training : 1) to increase the possibilities of training for trainers and teachers of the community, and 2) to improve with a partnership with a local branch of a trade union, the involvement in social life and dialogue of the administrative and technical staff of UAPV.


Associated partners

Région Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur


Union départementale de la Confédération Français Démocratique des Travailleurs du Vaucluse.





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