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France meeting

France meeting

Here the partners reflect on the steLLLa meeting in Avignon, France, June 12-16, 2011.


Polskie refleksje:

Spotkanie kończące projekt rozpoczęło się w Awinionie, a zakończyło na prowansalskiej wsi. Miło było spotkać się, być może po raz ostatni, z naszymi koleżankami i kolegami z całej Europy. Szkoda, że organizacja tego spotkania odbiegła daleko od naszych oczekiwań. Strona merytoryczna projektu została zamknięta. Spotkanie pozostawiło lekki niesmak i niedosyt jeśli chodzi o część kulturową i organizacyjną ze strony francuskich gospodarzy – nie takiej prowansalskiej wsi oczekiwaliśmy. Mimo wszystko uważamy, że udział w projekcie był szansą na poznanie wielu ciekawych ludzi i miejsc, nauczeniu się wielu nowych rzeczy. Manuella dziękujemy za wszystko!



Lithunian partner says:

Thank You very much for a possibility to experience the life in Provance, to see beautiful countryside with farners' ado, enjoy exciting sightseeing in Avignon and Arles and have a quiet stay. Howvwer we've been a very big group with a lot of cultural diversity we managed understand each other and spend time perfectly. It is a good experience for our future European activities.

Friends forever Wink




The Belgian partner says:


Wat het hoogtepunt zou worden van dit project is spijtig genoeg geëindigd in een echte anti-climax.

Na twee jaren intens samenwerken waren alle partners op hun paasbest, met hoge verwachtingen, om de resultaten van ons leerpartnerschap waardig te vieren in de mooie Franse Provence. En we hebben tijdens deze twee jaren veel geleerd van elkaar! De slotmeeting was dan ook een aaneenschakeling van goede praktijken op alle vlakken. Spijtig genoeg hebben we tijdens deze meeting ook onze Franse partner echt 'leren kennen'. Door een slecht programma, een totaal gebrek aan planning en organisatie en een onbeleefde houding heeft deze meeting de verwachtingen totaal niet ingelost. Gelukkig hebben we zelf toch een aantal dingen kunnen wijzigen zodat de partners een glimp hebben kunnen opvangen van Avignon en de regio. De echte Franse keuken zullen we hopelijk bij volgende samenwerkingsverbanden met andere Franse partners ontdekken. Toch blik ik tevreden terug op dit samenzijn. Voeg bij ons uniek team een stralende zon, hartverwarmende gesprekken met alle aanwezigen (behalve ...), dankbare momenten samen, afspraken over de toekomst; dit maakt ons laatste contactmoment zeker geslaagd.

Forever friends

Manuella Borghs


The German partner says:

Zum Abschlusstreffen des Stellla 2.0 Projekts flogen wir zu dritt nach Frankreich in die Provence. Glücklich darüber, Freunde und bekannte Gesichter wieder zu sehen, verbrachten wir den ersten Abend in einem kleinen Restaurant mit mediteranem Essen.

Am Montag besichtigten wir in einer großen Gruppe Avignon, die Stadt der Päpste, und eine Weinkellerei im idyllischen Örtchen Châteauneuf-du-Pape, wo wir viel Interessantes über die Herstellung von Wein erfahren haben.

Am Dienstag haben wir uns zu einem Arbeitstreffen in der Universität eingefunden. Es wurde über den aktuellen Projektstatus in allen Partnerländern berichtet, und die Ergebnisse der Arbeitsgruppen zum Podcasting und SMS-Learnings sowie zur Evaluation des Projekts präsentiert.

Es ist eindrucksvoll, was innerhalb der 2 Jahre erreicht werden konnte. Alle Partner haben in diesem Projekt mit viel Engagement gearbeitet. Mehr als 100 Menschen aus 10 europäischen Ländern gehören zu unserer entstandenen Lerngemeinschaft. Das Schreiben des Abschlussberichts wird uns nicht allzu schwer fallen.

Als Symbol für die gute Zusammenarbeit und die entstandenen Freundschaften zwischen den Partnern haben sich die Partner
aus Belgien etwas ganz besonderes einfallen lassen -»


   forever Friends

Den letzten Tag, bevor es wieder ins verregnete Deutschland ging, verbrachten wir in der Petite Camargue. Hautnah erlebten wir Natur und Tradition des Dörfchens Franquevaux und kamen in den Genuss von selbstgemachtem Pain au Chocolat.

Da es (leider) das letzte Treffen von Stellla 2.0 war, fiel der Abschied sehr innig und emotional aus. Aber wie Jemand so schön sagte, Goodbye steht nicht für Lebewohl sondern für „Auf Wiedersehen“!!

Mareen, Christian, Volker


The Cypriot partners says:

Although not foreseen, the French partner made it possible for the Cypriot partner to bring a group of learners to the final steLLLa2.0 meeting.

After our lovely journey from Larnaka via Paris to Avignon we started our meeting with a Mediterranean dinner in a lovely summer night in Avignon. The interesting and informative guided walking tour next day through Avignon, which is an amazing town of history and stories to tell, tired most of the Cypriot learners who are not used to walking so much ;) Our first day ended with a mouth full of tasty local wine in a vineyard in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

The next day, the local project coordinators met for their working meeting in order to present to each other all activities carried out and tasks achieved so far. Pending tasks were identified and the project coordinator explained how to fill out the final report. Thereafter, we celebrated our succesful project results and outcomes. Beautiful gifts were shared among ourselves: many thanks for these, which will remind me of a wonderful project and partnership.

During the final projec meeting, the learners visited the university and carried out a survey with students about mobile phones and the Internet. With this survey we want to find out more about the behavior and knowledge of students regarding the usage of mobile phones, SMS, Internet, and podcasting in France, Avignon. It is foreseen that the same survey will be carried out in Cyprus so that a comparison between French and Cypriot learning and teaching practice will be possible.

The same evening we moved into the country side in a not-yet finished hotel in an old monastary building. This place will be a wonderful place once finished; for some of us it was a disappointment to stay in a cold room or to climb up with our luggage 4 floors on tiny stairways or to not have doors to the bathroom or to share the bathroom with other guests or to sleep in a connecting room. Bad organization left some of us stand in front of the hotel not knowing where to sleep. In the hotel it was difficult to receive a bottle of drinking water. Others wanted to have a drink in the evening in the closed little restaurant... The last night had a wonderful start with a traditional bull-horse-show, life music, wine, and food. Unfortunately, it was suddenly ended by the French coordinator: No party as we expected but lining up in a queue at midnight in order to pay all outstanding expenses in cash, tax free for the hotel while watching a total moon eclipse from the window... It was a very sad ending of such a wonderful project; for me especially because I was not even able to kiss everybody good-bye. Of course, now we can laugh about all these situations and have plenty of stories to tell, however, a happy final meeting was not achieved.

Nevertheless, we already started thinking about the future and how to cooperate again in another project. One-on-one concrete plans are already being made - this is what steLLLa2.0 is all about: to stay together in any way possible!

Many thanks for having us as partner to the project!

Tatjana Taraszow and the Cypriot learners group



Cyprus Learners:

First, we would like to express our thanks to Thanasis Hadzilacos and Anna Mavroudi (of the Greek partners) for engaging me (Alexandros) in the project from last year, and also Yiannis Laouris and Tatjana of the Cyprus partner for allowing me, my wife Katerina and our son Konstantinos to participate in the closing meeting. As a teacher using ICT it was a delight to meet people from various EU countries working and implementing technology and to exchange experiences and ideas. Hopefully we have managed to plant the seeds of future collaborations.

This was the first time for us going abroad and outside Greece or Cyprus (with the exception of Mauricious during our honey moon). We loved the tours around Avignon, a truly historic city, as well as the chance to visit fields were they make some of the famous French wine. Some minor issues might have caused complaints to some of us but we understand that the French organizers had good will behind most of the planning.

Many thanks from our family,

Alexandros, Katerina and Konstantinos (part of the Cypriot learners group)

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